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Wedding Photographer Chichester Hall, Witley – Ruth & Jon.

It takes a certain sense of dedication to pull together a wedding without the teams of professional organizers based at so many of the wedding venues that we cover. One thing we’re learning is that behind the greatest wedding days are a small army of friends and loved one’s willing to put down their Pimm’s, roll up their sleeves and put the finishing touches to a wedding venue such as this one at the Chichester Hall in Witley, making it uniquely theirs.

Ruth and Jon chose the wonderful Chichester Hall in Witley to set-up their celebrations and tied the knot at the near millennia old All Saints church, a confetti’s throw up the village road from Chichester Hall. The day started at Ruth’s family home in Farnham a short drive over from our base in Godalming, Surrey. With Ruth’s friendly neighbors keen to glimpse the start of an amazing wedding day.

It’s always a pleasure to know that there are some little one’s to take a few pictures of during wedding’s, it’s a little bit different and a total treasure trove of the unexpected. Within the pictures below are a small selection of Ruth and Jon’s family together exploring the green around Chichester Hall. There’s almost nothing more beautiful than capturing life and seeing the additions we each bring to our families.

We’re so glad to be the wedding photographers within the canvas of places like Chichester village Hall. For each Bride and Groom imparts a personal touch to their day, it may take a little more effort and maybe a small army of helpers but we think the amazing work shows through in the pictures.

below are a selection of wedding pictures from their wonderful day. We’ve also included a selection from our Mighty Photobooth. We hope you enjoy them as much as enjoyed being the wedding photographers at Chichester Hall.

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  • February 20, 2016 - 6:12 pm

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